Officials and Officiating

What is an official?

Officials are volunteer parents who have taken formal training clinics offered through Swim Alberta or Swim Canada. A trained swim official will help run swim competitions (meets). As a swim official and volunteer, you get some of the best seats at the pool! You will be on deck helping in one of many important positions that are needed in order for the competition to go off without a hitch! Each position requires a different skill set, so there will always be a position that helps you play to your strengths! 

Below, please find more information regarding what is required of parents.

I'd like to help officiate. What next? 

We are grateful our swimmers will have the opportunity to train and race. It takes many volunteers and officials to help run a swim meets. Being a swim official helps your swimmer and all swimmers to have the opportunity to compete. It is also a great way to meet new people and work with friends!

  1. Check that you have an active Swimming Canada officials account and that you are able to login. If you do not have a Swimming Canada officials account and/or you’re unable to login, please email to get this set up with the help of the club’s Registrar and Officials Coordinator. 

  1. *If you are new to Officialting - Once you’ve activated your Swim Canada Officials account, you’ll be able to use your Swim Canada login to access the Swimming Canada Education page
    1. Start by taking the Introduction to Swimming Officiating and Safety Marshal courses. 
    2. Make sure to finish the entire e-module, so that the system registers the course as completed.   

  1. *If you are not new to Officiating 
    1. Use the Swimming Canada Officials Certification Pathway as a guide. 
    2. Go to the Swimming Canada Education page to access e-modules, self-directed clinics, and information about in-person/online clinics. 
    3. Email to us know you completed a new clinic and are interested in upcoming opportunities for on-deck experience.

  1. Print out the Swim Alberta Officials Certification Card, which can be found under Competitions/Officials/Resources” on the Swim Alberta website. 

  1. Take your certification card with you to get signed by the meet referee for your first 2-3 sessions in each new role.

  1. Once you’ve collected these signatures, scan or photograph the certification card and email it to to have these recorded by the Huma Officials Coordinator. At that point, you’ll be considered certified for that role and be able to move up the ladder to higher officiating levels in the future.

  1. It is important to move up in officiating levels to make room for new officials and to take on more responsibility as an experienced official.

If you have any follow-up questions or are interested other volunteer opportunities at a swim meet, please email

How do I complete the Official’s Training?

There are either in-person learning clinics, virtual clinics or e-learning modules to complete. Not all courses are offered via e-learning. Messages will be sent out to families by the club with information on upcoming courses or email Clinics offered via e-learning at the Swimming Canada Education page.

Who needs to take a course and which one(s)?

New to Huma

  • If you are new to Huma and this is your first year in swimming, having both parents or guardians start by completing the “Introduction to Swimming'' clinic would be beneficial. This provides the family with the knowledge of competitive swimming and the flexibility of who can volunteer as a ‘Timer’ at swim meets.

Intermediate Years

  • If this is your 2nd to 3rd year, having both parents or guardians completed the “Introduction to Swimming” course would be optimum, as well as the Safety Marshal and the Stroke and Turn clinics.​​​​​​​

Long Term Families

  • If you are with the club for 3 years or longer, both parents or guardians should by now have completed any of the previously mentioned clinics. As well at least one parent or guardian should begin completing any remaining Level 2 clinics Recorder-Scorer, Clerk of Course, CFJ/CJE, Starter and Meet Manager

It takes a village to run and Officiate a swim meet and every family's involvement is needed. This path is best for the club’s ability to have qualified Officials year after year to help at Regional and Championship competitions.

What do I need to bring as an official?

There is a dress code for officials at a swim meet.

  • Take a separate pair of clean indoor shoes or flip flops 
    • Please do not wear outside shoes on a pool deck
  • Black pants or shorts
  • A white shirt for Timers or Electronics 
  • A red shirt if you are Stroke & Turn certified and
  • A water bottle

At a swim meet, Officials are required to check in before the meet begins and attend a briefing by the referee (usually during warm ups). The meeting location and time will usually be posted in the meet package or the club will communicate that information before the meet.

Swim meet and meet package information can be found at Swimming Canada’s Events & Results page.